25Nov, 2022

One Days Online National Conference on “UNSUNG HERO OF INDIAN FREEDOM STRUGGLE”

UNSUNG HERO OF INDIAN FREEDOM STRUGGLE In today’s fast paced world and tough competitive daily life, youth hardly get time to remember their rich heritage and past. This becomes most important when the nation is celebrating the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav (Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence). The fight against colonial rule in India is a unique story. Rather a story that is full of different stories of valour, satyagraha, dedication and sacrifice in this vast subcontinent. These stories form the rich Indian cultural heritage and traditions. Thus, there is no need to define unsung heroes as lesser-known freedom …

20Feb, 2022

Indian History Through the Ages

Indian History Through the Ages(with special reference to heritage, culture, social and political history) Yuga is a vast time period in Sanatan Dharma which is related to past, present and future. It can refer to a season, generations, periods of kings, kalpas (days of Brahma), stages of creation (manifest, upkeep, latent) or a period of 1,000 years. We are organizing online seminars to give a new direction to Indian history. Indian history through the ages (with special reference to heritage, culture, social and political history) we will learn about different places of India and many new historical facts will also …