Indian History Through the Ages

Indian History Through the Ages
(with special reference to heritage, culture, social and political history)

Yuga is a vast time period in Sanatan Dharma which is related to past, present and future. It can refer to a season, generations, periods of kings, kalpas (days of Brahma), stages of creation (manifest, upkeep, latent) or a period of 1,000 years. We are organizing online seminars to give a new direction to Indian history. Indian history through the ages (with special reference to heritage, culture, social and political history) we will learn about different places of India and many new historical facts will also come out which will inform researchers like us and our future generations about history. The main objective of the National Seminar is to enrich Indian history, culture and heritage through modifiers. The theme of this national symposium through online is specially placed for researchers who are currently interested in PhD and revision.
History is the study of man: History deals with the struggle of man over the ages. History is not static. By selecting “innumerable biographies” and presenting his life, there is a mixture of ideas in the appropriate social context and human context. The present form of society is made up of historical events. Anyone can explain the sequence of events intelligently. Selected events are traced which help to reveal the nature of the events. Helps in determining general laws. This seminar will be helpful in increasing the intellectual knowledge of all the speakers, researchers and listeners.

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