1. To conduct research work on the culture and history of India in the field of literature from ancient times to the present and to find out the latest topics and carry out research work on it. As well as providing a suitable platform for a researcher or professor working in this field.

  2. To organize or support programs like history seminars, workshops, conferences, other historiography training by individuals or organizations to promote Indian culture and history research.

  3. To provide a wide platform for historians or researchers to publish a book or article rather than high quality research or to set up the necessary arrangements for it.

  4. To start related institutes or alliances with other working institutes for research work on Indian culture and history and to start courses and research activities there which make Indian culture and history meaningful.

  5. To undertake various activities for the protection and promotion of the glorious cultural heritage of India, as well as to undertake work in the right direction for its preservation or to work for it through others.

  6. To organize scholarships or fellowships for the purpose of encouraging researchers to do research rather than research work on Indian culture and history.

  7. To develop a group of talented young historians and give appropriate awards or certificates to encourage high quality researchers, to encourage professors or researchers to do research as historians in universities and other research institutes.

  8. To make arrangements with the Government of India, State Governments, other public or private bodies or individuals for the implementation of programs relating to the purposes of the trust or organization, for assistance, for receiving or giving grants, for securing and accepting donations or gifts and To work for it if there is a need for conditional agreements or consent with each other.

  9. To do all the necessary activities for the research of Indian culture and history in general as well as the matters related to it and its use from time to time.

  10. Educational Upliftment, Women-Older-Child Development Works, Health and Medical Services Works, Social and Rural Development Works, Natural or Man-Made Disasters, Labor and Employment Works, etc. Will be carried.