Special Issue
‘HISTORY OF KNOWLEDGE’ in Applied Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences motivate researchers, academicians, students to guest edit special issue on common topics. Special Issue contains papers on specific topic or domain. They are compiled by an editor who is responsible for selection of contributions to a specific issue.

General Requirements:
Special Issue is organized by a minimum of 3 Guest Editors.
Guest Editors are recognized experts in the area they are proposing for the special issue.
Guest Editors are from different institutions.
Normally, the journal publishes, per issue:
4 to 5 original research articles.
1 to 2 review articles.
1 to 2 teaching cases.

Guest Editor Responsibilities:
Prepare a Special Issue proposal, and send it to the journal Editor at
Once the proposal has been approved, announce the call for papers on websites and distribution lists, and contact potential authors directly.
Send manuscript abstracts to 2 reviewers
Receive the abstract review reports, make a decision about its status (accept, reject), notify the authors about the decision, and ask them to confirm if they wish to submit the full manuscript.
Upon receiving confirmation, point authors to the guidelines for preparing full manuscripts that are published on the journal’s website.
Send the manuscripts to the reviewers.
View the full manuscript review reports, make a decision about their status (accept, accept with minor changes, accept with major revisions and a second round of review, decline), and notify the manuscript author(s) about the decision.
Prepare an introduction/editorial for the Special Issue.
Follow the review cycles to the final version of accepted papers.
Avoid conflicts of interest, and ensure that authors observe the copyright, and research involving human subject’s policies of the journal.
Ensure that final versions of the manuscripts are in the format required by the journal.
Note: Please send your proposal for Special Issues at